I've had several Saabs as I found them reliable and inexpensive, at least when bought second hand.

 Saab 900i -84 5 door Combi ~280tkm when I bought this - 353tkm when it was stolen and newer found since 
 Saab 900i 2.3 -91 4 door Sedan  ~60tkm when bought - 130tkm when sold, still own by close family
 Saab 9000CDTA -88 4 door Sedan

~170tkm when bought - 33otkm when sold. Actually this car was not so good, rusting and minor problems were frequent.

 Saab 9000CSTA -87 5 door Combi  Red devil called Carmen
 Saab 9000CSI 2.3T -96 5 door Combi  ~242tkm when bought - 330tkm when sold. This was the best Saab I have had so far. It contained Aero's motor control box i.e. it moved and still was able to run sub 7ltr per 100km. No major problems at all but had to be sold as kilometers and age took their share.
 Saab 95 3.0 -99 4 door Sedan  ~87tkm when bought from Germany. Runs OK.
Landrover Disco 1 90  Piece of crab for offroads