It's about me and my family interests ...


About the site

This site is my and my family personal site. It contains info about our neighbourhood, opinions and hobbies. We have always some stuff on sale so there is Items on Sale as well.


We live in Finland which locates in Scandinavia, Northern Europe. Finland is republic with 5.2 million inhabitants and area of 338000 square kilometres. Most of the people live in southern part of the country.

We live in Nurmijärvi that locates near Helsinki (capitol). The village where live is small and uniform, people live in their own houses. That gives a special atmosphere to the region as we all are commuters, have children, own a house (or bank onws those), people are alike. Although I haven't ever lived in a farmer society I can guess this is not very far from such.


The opinions, all that are publicly available, are in blog section.


I try to have time for family and myself, not only to work. I have plenty of hobbies but currently it is computers and vehicles that are most active. To mention some other hobbies I have I could mention literature, house construction and sailing as well.